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Pinch Me I Must Be Dreaming – Reality Check When Lucid Dreaming

Man With Pillow While Lucid DreamingThe main goal in reality checks is to know if you are in fact dreaming. Interest in lucid dreams brought about the popularity of reality checks. This is actually a known method to wake up in your dream and start controlling it. It may take some time before a person will be able to successfully do a reality check. Though, if they are able to do so, then doing it again will just be a cinch.

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There are several sure fire ways to do a reality check and see if you are in a dream, or in reality.

  1. Pinch yourself. This may actually one of the

    Woman Try To Sleep and Lucid Dream

    easiest ways to have a reality check. If you are in a dream, the pinch won’t really hurt, otherwise you are wide awake. Also, it is possible to pinch yourself and wake up. In this instance, you may already be crossing the line between the conscious and the subconscious.

  2. Try to fly or jump as high as you can. If you were able to jump a foot or a meter high at most, then better go back to sleep. On the other hand, if you were able to leap the building, well you are definitely dreaming.

This certainly always follows, not often do you see a guy leap over a building. If you were able to fly, then just keep on flying. Enjoy the moment while you are asleep.

  1. Touch something hard or carry anything that looks heavy. Try to push the nearest wall or any big object that seems to have a stable base. If the wall won’t budge then you might not be in a dream world.

If you pushed a boulder with your pinky, then you have entered the world of lucid dreams. If you are not contented with the boulder, try finding a any huge object and try tossing it around.

  1. Look in a mirror. Find a mirror and try to look at yourself if you look normal and clear. If you look blurry or different then maybe you should take a second look. If you still look different or even distorted then you are definitely dreaming.

Look at the back of the mirror, maybe there is something else there to confirm your suspicion of dreaming. Look behind you if the background in the reflection is different from what you see behind you. The difference is more than clear to distinguish if you are dreaming.

  1. Hold your breath. Close your mouth, pinch your nose and try holding your breath for some time. Hold it in as long as you can. You may wake up trying this, but if you don’t then you are dreaming. Now, this is actually another cue that you are entering the realm of lucid dreams.
  2. Look at the palm of your hands. Look at the creases on the palm of your hands for some time. Try and notice the minute details on your hand and see if they change after some time. If the patterns on your hand do change, then without question, you are dreaming.
  3. Find a clock. When you do find a clock, try to read the time. At times, when you are dreaming, the face of the clock is blurry. Sometimes, the time on the clock changes every now and then.

If you do find a clock and the time on the clock does not change from time to time, this may be a sign that  you are not dreaming. Also try to ask any person you see what time it is. If the time on your clock or watch is the same as the person you asked, then again you might not be dreaming.

  1. Take a look around. Take a look around you for some time. In some dreams, everything looks blurry, though not always. Try to focus on one direction on any one object in your surroundings. If that focused object does not morph into anything else, then you’re just experiencing reality.

Find Out Yourself

You can make up your own methods to know if you are in fact dreaming or not. Make your own reality check methods or modify those mentioned above, it all depends on your preferences. Those mentioned above are just some ways to know if you are in reality or if you are experiencing lucid dreams.

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