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Lucid Dreaming is the conscious realisation that you are in a dream state whilst asleep. This means that you are then able to recognise when a dream is happening, and will then allow you to have total control over their surroundings and experiences and can completely alter your dream. Lucid dreaming does happen by chance for some people, but with the proper skills and advice from the Lucid Dreaming HQ, it is possible to experience a lucid dream each and every night. The cool thing about learning the skill of lucid dreaming is that you will be able to control many dreams throughout the night, which we all naturally have.

Being able to control your dreams sounds pretty amazing doesnt it? Well it is. And Lucid Dreaming HQ is here to show you how.

There are many methods and techniques which can be used to help you achieve a lucid dream and start living out your wildest fantasies. The best thing is that nothing is stopping you from delving deep into your imagination and be able to do anything you wish with crystal clear clarity and perception.

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Why should you Lucid Dream?

Once you have learnt the amazing skill that is Lucid Dreaming, you will be able to let you imagination run wild and live out amazing, realistic experiences, that you wont believe is possible.

Being able to speak with your subconscious mind is a very powerful experience, and using this “special power” you are able to influence things in the real world, or plant seeds in your mind, much like in the movie – Inception.

The key to lucid dreaming is self awareness, and is the reason why we have to do the reality checks. When you have a regular dream, you subconscious mind is determining what happens. And as we know, people, places, past events, wishful thinking ect, usually occurs and by what we think is just random.

With self-awareness, you are able to recognize this and consciously ask questions to your mind, or control the situations which you create, rather than it just happening, like in a normal dream.

To get your mind thinking, you might want to ask your subconscious things like:

        • Where in the world would I like to explore?
        • Am I in the right Career?
        • How can I attract wealth and money into my life?
        • The meaning and purpose of my life?
        • Is there anything I should change in my life?
        • Fast forward 5, 10, 20 years time from now!
        • Have Sex with anyone you desire!

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You may be surprised by what you find and will find all sorts of interesting characters that your mind creates. Apart from the entertaining aspects of being able to Lucid Dream, there are so many positive aspects. It’s definitely a skill which will allow you to improve on your life and change things for the positive.

Here at Lucid Dreaming HQ, we are dedicated to transforming your life, and guiding you on the path to lucidity. We have a number of resources on this site to make sure you sign up to stay updated and join us on this path of living out your dreams!

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